Recently when out cruising around town in my '62 343, I ran into some problems that I thought had developed in the motor but after checking just about everything possible, and having my mechanic do the same, we decided it must be the fuel system.  We washed out the fuel tank several times with no luck.  The car would be running along so well and then just quit like it was out of gas.  So after checking the fuel pump, lines, filters, etc., we decided the the inside of the tank needed long-term treatment.

I check around town for anything to seal the tank with no luck.  I was told there was only a product for sealing motorcycle tanks.  Well, at this point I knew that I wouldn't find what I needed in my hometown.  Searching through the Eastwood Company's catalog I found what I was looking for but was told of another product POR-15 makes when I went to order.  I knew they made products for rusted metal but never gave them a thought on my fuel tank problem.  They had what I needed, at a cheaper price and with less steps to take!

For this job I needed two items.  First was Metal Ready which removes the rust and leaves a zinc phosphate coating for the sealer to bond.  Next was the Standard Gas Tank Sealer which forms a liner inside the tank filling any pinholes and cracks.

POR-15 makes for a simple weekend project.  All you have to do is drain the tank & seal off all openings before pouring in a entire bottle of Metal Ready.   Rotate the tank to cover all surfaces inside, then drain, rinse with water and let dry.  Next put in the sealer, rotate the tank again to cover all areas, then drain and let dry for 24 hours.  The sealer will fully cure in 4 days.  After draining both products I have more than enough to do several more tanks and very little sealer was needed.

Since this treatment, my T34 has been running happy like it's old self.  Before spending lots of money or having roadside trouble like me, perform this relatively simple procedure and give your fuel system some relief from 35 years of corrosion and dirt.   The cost for seal and cleaner was only $28!  You can find Eastwood Products online at

Be sure to have Eastwood send you their current catalog.  They carry all POR-15 products as well as many other automotive products for metal finishing, body and paint, welding, electrical, diagnostics, brakes/suspension, shop tools and plastic/glass repair to name only a few.  Great reading material!

To insure good metal-to-metal contact between the fuel sender and the tank you might want to ream the screw holes out with an appropriate size tap. The gas tank sealer has a tendency to coat the threads.

Make sure you put on a new make-shift gas tank gasket. Be liberal with your glue! You do not want the opportunity for water to get inside.