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Subject: [T3] vent seals

Does anybody know where to get the seals for the vents under the front window? I took mine out to fix rust and paint. Is there some other type seal that can be cut to size? Would love any tips



66 fasty


I just got done putting new seals on mine out of my '64. What I used is/was an engine hatch seal I got from WCM. It by no means is the "perfect" seal but it looks like it is going to work out fine. It has a shallow channel that the lid sets in and appears to have glued up OK.

I used 3M weather strip adhesive, black death, and followed the instructions. One seal is more than enough to do both air boxes. Here's the whole process I went thru

  1. dis-assembled completely and then media blasted all crud, paint and rust off.
  2. Powder coated them black (Eastwood DIY at home kit, GREAT investment!)
  3. seam sealed all the required spots with seam sealer, just like the body people use.
  4. cut the new gasket in half and coated both the rubber and the metal lip with the glue. Both sides of the steel down about 1/8". Let it all tack up
  5. Applied the seal to the metal lip Its a bit tricky. Then used some aluminum .050 sheet I had (approx. 8"x 18") and clamped it on top of the air box to hold the rubber on while curing. I used some spring loaded clamps for this, you just need enough clamp up pressure to bow the aluminum (or Formica,or tin , or what ever) to fit the curve of the box, the cowl isn't flat. Let it set for a day.

Done deal. Looks like it will be O.K.. Not the best fit like OE rubber would have been but it was here and I hadn't found anything else that looked right before I tackled this

Hope this helps