When I picked up Roger's 1965 T34 last week, one of the first things I noticed about his car was that the rear three scripts (VOLKSWAGEN, 1500, S) were not located in the right places. Apparently when Roger's dad bought the T34 in 1970, he had the lower half repainted Sea Blue (same color), and when the body guy removed the badges, he bondo'd over the original holes and repainted the body. When the rear scripts were reinstalled, they did not bother to locate the original holes and simply drilled new holes! What a shame!

Anyway, with some free time this afternoon, and the rear scripts REALLY BUGGING ME, I took a closer look at the problem and potential solution. I found that by removing the left air duct grill (2 screws), I could see and feel down into the thin space between the air duct and the rear panel. The original bondo'd holes were filled with "bondo squirts", and when I looked very carefully at the rear panel, I could see from the outside where the original holes were. I simply took a Phillips screwdriver and slowly turned it until the original holes popped-thru again. I replaced the three scripts in the new correct holes and used the round rubber retainers to hold the three emblems in place. This task was a bit tricky as my hands were bigger than the space, but with some persistence I was able to mount all the scripts securely. These rubber retainers are the same ones used to hold the KARMANN GHIA script onto the rear decklid, and I had bought 15 of them from Mark Smith in
Oregon (he advertises in our classifieds).

The scripts are now in the right location, look great, and more importantly, I FEEL MUCH BETTER!

The next task is going to be to seal up the drilled holes where the scripts used to be. I think I'll probably have the car detailer guys attack this task, maybe by putting some bondo in the holes and then touching up with the original Sea Blue VW touch-up paint stick that was in the glovebox all these years.

Just thought you'd like to know how easy it was to reposition the incorrectly-placed scripts.


a follow up from Larry Edson

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 09:31:24 -0800
From: "Edson, Larry"
Subject: RE: Fixing Wrong Script Holes

Before you turn the task over to Bondo Billy consider these options. Since the holes are so small I think that paint alone should be able to fill the void. Put a piece of masking tape behind the hole and just put a dab of paint in the hole. The paint will probably try to collect at the bottom of the hole so to counteract that tendency use the paint full strength without thinning it and brush upwards (with your match) to get it to contact the top of the hole. After it dries wet sand it down, finishing with 600 grit. If you think the hole is too big there is body putty made by 3M that is blue in color. It is used for filling in small imperfections in body work. Buying a tube of it is overkill but it might come in handy over the years and if stored properly will last a long time. I have a tube that I've been using for 13 years now. After you glaze over the holes you then do the paint touchup yourself.