engine lid

  • It's easy to replace torn, sagging Type 3 engine lid insulation. Foil-backed insulation for water heaters is commonly available at home improvement stores and it makes a perfect and inexpensive replacement.

    • Remove the engine lid and unfasten the two 10mm bolts for the latches. Remove the latches and the four retainer clips, and then carefully remove the old insulation material.
    • Roll out the new foil insulation and use the old insulation as a template. Cut the material slightly larger than the final size so you can tuck the outer edges into the edges of the lid for a clean finish.
    • If desired, you can glue small strips of the insulation material into the recessed areas of the lid for a smooth and level surface. Mark the holes for the clips and latches, and then apply glue to the cover and fit it into place. Tuck all edges in with a flat-head screwdriver for a clean finished look. Reassemble the clips and latches and you're done.